Posted By Admin on 03/14/19

She could probably pass as Marylin Mason’s sister if she wanted to, but then again the goth look (they call it emo these days I believe) is one that seems to be pretty much cookie cutter. The bottle dyed hair and charcoal make-up around the eyes making them look like they have a hard time learning to listen. No, I don’t hit women it’s a little dark humour to fit the theme, see how that works.

I’m just skimming over her work and very seldom does she ever smile. She almost permanently has this “fuck you, my dad abused me and my mother didn’t love me” expression on her face. Very hard stares but I get the feeling in some of them it might be a bit over the top, just a bit try hard, like she’s not really this at all but puts on the persona.

She’s hot though and has an amazing body, there’s no interpretation required there. And she’s cheap, I mean you can get access to her work for up to 90% off with this Dawn Avril discount.

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